Unwrapping the Poopsie Rainbow surprise fashion dolls 2019

Make D. I. Y. Slime fashions with Rainbow Surprise by Poopsie.

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Unbox 20+ surprises including a gorgeous 14″ fashion doll with stunning features and brushable hair.
Will you get Rainbow Dream or Pixie Rose? It’s the longest unboxing experience ever!

Make slime and add it to transparent fashions to totally transform her look. Her shoes and her purse can hold slime, too!
She also comes with Rainbow Highlighter to use on your face, on her face, or to mix into your slime!

Experience slime in an all new way with amazing D. I. Y. Slime fashion!
Make D. I. Y. Slime and add to doll’s transparent fashions for a one-of-a-kind look.

Each beautiful fashion doll has stunning brusable hair, gorgeous fashions and accessories.

Unwraps to Include: fashion doll, outfit, accessories, bottle, 4 D. I. Y. Slime powders, 2 Rainbow Magic, 3 shimmer powders, 1 glitter, and 1 highlighter.

You can collect 4 Rainbow Surprise dolls.

Rainbow Dream

Rainbow Dream

Pixie RoseĀ 

Pixie Rose

Blue Skye

Blue Skye

Amethyst Rae

Amethyst Rae

And now the information you’ve all been waiting for.
What’s Inside when you unwrap your Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll?

Rainbow DreamRainbow Dream Inside Box

Pixie RoseĀ Pixie Rose Inside BoxBlue SkyeBlue Skye Inside Box

Amethyst RaeAmethyst Rae Inside Box



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