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How to find Rainbow Brightstar, Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

How to find Rainbow Brightstar, Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn

My friends and I seem to be on the lookout for the same Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn.
Yes, you guessed it’s Rainbow Brightstar

Just by looking at the box you have absolutely no idea which unicorn you are likely to get.

Sometimes with variations, there have been slight differences in the packaging.

However, to the date of this article there have been no foolproof ways to tell by the box along, making shopping for a specific unicorn frustrating and challenging for anyone looking to find that must have unicorn that their child so desperately wants for Christmas 2018.

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn
Poopsie Unicorn poop

Don’t Panic though heres a few little tips to help you find that all-important unicorn which for many children is of course Rainbow Brightstar.


If you push gently at the top just beneath the handle where the packaging will ultimately split open, you can just about see the unicorn colours and hopefully some strands of hair too.

So here’s what to look for…

Poopsie box

To Find
Oopsie Starlight
Poopsie slime surprise unicorn
Head/Ears = Light Pinkish shade
Horn = Gold
Hair = Light pastel rainbow colours

Poopsie Slime Dazzle Darling

To Find
Dazzle Darling
Poopsie slime surprise unicorn
Head/Ears = Light Blue shade
Horn = Silver
Hair = Extremely light pastel pink, purple, yellow

Poopsie Slime Rainbow Brightstar

To Find
Rainbow Brightstar
Poopsie slime surprise unicorn
Head/Ears = Almost White shade
Horn = Gold
Hair = Bright Rainbow colours

Poopsie Slime Whoopsie Doodle

To Find
Whoopsie Doodle
Poopsie slime surprise unicorn
Head/Ears = Light purple shade
Horn = Silver
Hair = Green, blue, purple & black

NB: You do not need to look for the shirt as these come as part of the surprises wrapped within the outer casing of your Poopsie slime surprise along with many other surprises including a feeding bottle. keychain for keeping your slime, unicorn food, sparkles etc.

Here is what you expect to see from inside the box of Poopsie Slime Rainbow Brightstar

Rainbow Brightstar Unboxing
Rainbow Brightstar Unboxed

So if trying this and you really cant get a good look, which can be quite tricky especially in store with the lighting and other customers and staff looking on in amazement as your peek into the box frantically trying to see from every angle without drawing too much attention to yourself there are other options available to you.

Staff to help locate Poopsie Slime
Amazon Poopsie Slime

You could ask a member of staff, being very open about what you need to do. This may be the easiest option as they can help you to loo, or hopefully they may already know what to do as happened with my friend on visiting her local toy store.

You could use a slim smartphone to slot into the gap you have created and take a photo, as this might be easier to spot the colours you are looking for
BEWARE you do not drop your phone inside the box!!!!

You could order online and check from the comfort of your own home, if free delivery and returns you could do this until you eventually receive the Unicorn required, just be ultra careful that you do not damage the outer packaging while checking


1st November 2018

Some websites including UK Top Toys now have a Choose an option box where you can select from





It has been confirmed that the PINK/RAINBOW option is for Oopsie Starlight and Rainbow Brightstar and the BLUE-PURPLE option is for Dazzle Darling and Whoopsie Doodle

This is a great Update as you now have a 50/50 chance of finding the unicorn required.

I think it will be easier to find Dazzle Darling and Whoopsie Doodle as they should be easier to confirm.
In regards to Oopsie Starlight and Rainbow Brightstar you really need to look for the almost white shade unicorn with bright rainbow hair for Rainbow Brightstar or the light pinkish shade unicorn with light pastel rainbow hair for Oopsie Starlight.

If you want to Find out more about the Poopsie Slime Unicorns and their contents of the box please read our Poopsie Slime Surprise Article

Please add your own comments or feedback on your own experiences with finding you’re your desired Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn.

Wishing all Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn purchasers and their unwrappers a very Happy Christmas

Poopsie SLime Surprise for Christmas 2018
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Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Top Toy for Christmas 2018

The popularity of Unicorn themed toys is likely to grow on the lead up to Christmas 2018, with many unicorn toys being at the top of your children’s Christmas list.

Its only August and already the Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise looks set to be the hottest unicorn top toy for this year.

Poopsi Unicorn Surprise Slime

Why is Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise going to be so popular?

Its because its a Unicorn that poops rainbow slime

At the pre-release stage, there are 4 different Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise to collect

The four unicorns to collect are

Poopsie Unicorn Surprise - 4 to collect
(from left to right)
1) Oopsie Starlight,
2) Rainbow Brightstar,
3) Dazzle Darling
4) Whoopsie Doodle,

What do you get with your Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise?

1 x Surprise Unicorn.
1 x glitter potty.
4 x Unicorn Food packets (slime powder),
4 x Unicorn Magic packets,
1 x Unicorn Sparkle packet.
1 x exclusive bottle
1 x exclusive poop character keychain.
1 x Unicorn shirt
1 x Diaper,
1 x Spoon,
1 x Hair brush,
1 x Cleaning tool
1 x Measuring cup

What you can expect to find when unboxing:

Rainbow Brightstar Poopsi Unicorn Surprise
Rainbow Brightstar Poopsi Unicorn Surprsze

Oopsie Starlight Poopsi Unicorn Surprise
Oopsie Starlight Poopsi Unicorn Surprise

Dazzle Darling Poopsi Unicorn Surprise
Dazzle Darling Poopsi Unicorn Surprise

Whoopsie Doodle Poopsi Unicorn Surprise
Whoopsie Doodle Poopsi Unicorn Surprise


More about the Slime…

Make magical unicorn poop (slime) with Poopsie Slime Surprise with a little unicorn magic and sparkle

Poopsi Unicorn Slime

There are 15 different slimes to collect, from regular to rare and even ultra rare.
Within the pack, there will be all that’s needed to make the surprize slime which you can customise and transform multiple times

You can store your unicorn poop for magical fun anytime, anywhere. to use over and over again with Unicorn Magic

How much is the Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise going to be priced?

The pre-release price is currently £49.99 as of today’s date with FREE Uk delivery, and its probably worth pre-ordering if you think this is going to be top of the child’s Christmas wish list, as there will inevitably be a struggle to locate stock for these must-have toys.

What is the UK release date?

Officially taking pre-order with FREE delivery from Amazon with a date of 17th September 2018.
However check back here to find out any further information, deals of offers for the Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Now available to Order

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise

Poopsie Unicorn
Slime Surprise


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Squishies – The Latest Craze Sweeping Primary Schools up and down the UK

Kids are natural born collectors. They also love fads. Enter: the Squishy. These Japanese imports are the newest craze and are causing quite a stir. Not only are they hard to find, as they are not sold in your average store, most adults have never heard of them.

Today we will answer all of the common questions we receive about squishies. What are they? Squishies are soft “bread like” mascots, shaped as either a type of baked good, a character, or a combination of the two. They are the newest version of the stress ball, yet softer and more “kawaii” (the Japanese word for “cute”). Squishies are usually scented, cake or bread being the most common choice. Typically, squishies are attached to a cell phone strap or a lanyard.

Why do kids love them? Well, of course they are cute. Squishies are tactile and fun for kids to “squish” over and over, hence the name. Add in the sweet scent and you have a multiple sensory toy that can be quite irresistible.

Slow Rising Squishies Jumbo Scented Squishy Toy
(Galaxy Poop, Unicorn, Strawberry)
Unique Pack of Most Popular and Newest Squishies.

Where did this fad come from? Like many great fads, this is another one of those fun and wacky imports from Japan. Japanese teens (and adults!) love to decorate their cell phones with fake treats, fruits and gems. This is called deco-den. You have probably seen someone with a Hello Kitty cell phone “blinged out” in this manner. In addition to making their cell phone covers as kawaii as can be, they also love to hang cute or funny straps from them. Cell phone straps are a huge trend in Japan, and have been for several years.

In trying to pin down how kids in the UK have become obsessed with squishies, we seem to have narrowed it down one powerful source: YouTube. Search the word “squishies” in YouTube and you will find hundreds upon hundreds of videos all about them. On YouTube, kids, and even adults, trade squishies, show off their squishy collection and even attempt to make home made squishies.
Two things are quite clear in watching these videos.
A. these kids are absolutely obsessed with squishies.
B. they want a lot of them, and the more “rare” the better.

2018 New Squishy Love Cute Glasses Bear Scented Jumbo Charm Super Slow Rising Squeeze Toy
Sold By Malloom

Slow Rising Squishies UK
Jumbo Scented Squishy

Squeeze Toy Stress Reliever Gift
(Ice Cream + Cofee + Strawberry)

Squishy Toys 20 PCS

PINGCOOK Squishy Jumbo panda Egg Squishies Slow Rising 

Where can you find rare squishies, or even squishies in general? You will find the best variety in Japan. Of course, most parents are not willing to travel around the world for a five dollar trinket. Another place they seem to show up from time to time is in Japan Towns and even China Towns that exist in a handful of cities across the country.
The easiest place to find them is right at your finger tips.
Here Online

Source by Amy B Sumrall

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Top Ten Outside Toys Trends for 2018

If you are a parent then you are likely to know that summertime can be a difficult time. Parents of children under the age of twelve are constantly dealing with children who are bored. There are only so many activities a child can do inside. That is why it is important for children to play outside during the summer.

Playing outside in the summertime is fun, but many children can easily become bored without a few outdoor summer toys. If you are the parent of a child who is younger than twelve, you have a number of options when it comes to buying outdoor toys. Below is a list and small summary of ten of the most popular outside toys for children under the age of twelve.

(1) Sand and Water Activity Tables

Sand and water activity tables are tables that allow children to play in the sand or in the water almost at the same time. Most tables are divided into two sections. A large number of companies make sand and water activity tables; therefore, you can purchase a wide variety of different table designs. Most sand and water tables are designed for children aged three and up.

Sand & Water 4 in 1 with loads of great accessories and 2 stools

(2) Outdoor Water Sprinklers

For years now, outdoor water sprinklers have been how many children without pool access have stayed cool during the summertime. Outdoor water sprinklers come in all different styles. Traditional sprinkler systems can be purchased; however, large beach balls, plastic animals, and other popular cartoon characters can be used as a sprinkler system. All outdoor water sprinklers require water hookup through a garden hose.

Water Sprinkler by ELC

(3) Water Guns

Similar to the above mentioned water sprinklers, water guns are a fun way for children without a pool to stay cool. Water guns come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. You can purchase a water gun that fits into the palm or your hand or you can get one that is so big it is about waist tall. Large water guns tend to have more force when it comes to dispensing the water. This means that most large water guns are not safe for children under the age of five.

Nerf Super Soaker Freezefire Blaster

(4) Slip and Slide Water Toys

Slip and slides are known as small water slides. They have been a popular outdoor summer toy for children under the age of twelve for years now. Slip and slides work best on a hill, but with running water a child can have fun even on a flat surface. Many slip and slides are sold with a sprinkler system or a miniature wading pool for extra fun.

Wham-O Slip and Slide Double Wave Rider With Boogies

(5) Inflatable Water Slides

Until recently, the above mentioned slip and slide water toys were the only water slides designed for home use without a pool. Now large water slides are being sold online and in department stores across the country. These slides are inflatable and they can go as high as ten feet in the air. They come with a miniature pool at the bottom. Due to their large size, most water slides are designed for children over the age of four or five.

Intex – Water Games Centre with Slide

(6) Sandboxes

Currently, sandboxes sit in millions of backyards all across the country. When filled with sand, sandboxes offer hours of fun for the whole family. Sandboxes can come in a traditional box size or they can come as large plastic animals. Large plastic turtles and crabs are most popular with children under the age of five.

KidKraft Pirate Sandbox

(7) Teeter Totters

Many parents and children mistakenly believe that teeter totters are only meant for the park. The truth is that there are a large number of teeter totters that are designed for backyards of all sizes. Large teeter topters can often be hooked into the ground; therefore, making it safe for older children or adults to use. Smaller teeter totters that are transportable and designed for children under the age of 10 can also be purchased.

Little Tikes Whale Teeter Totter

(8) Grill and Grill Accessories

Toy grills are becoming one of the most popular outdoor toys to hit the market. A large number of companies make these grills; therefore, there is a large selection of different styles at most retail stores. The grills can come in all different sizes with talking pieces, plastic food, and other grill accessories. These toy grills allow children to feel like a grownup while they cook right alongside their parents.

Little Tikes Sizzle and Serve Grill

(9) Children’s Wheelbarrow and Garden Accessories

A children’s wheelbarrow can be used for a number of fun outdoor activities. Children can use a wheelbarrow to move their toys or help their parents in the garden. Most wheelbarrows can be purchased with additional garden accessories for extra fun. Children’s wheelbarrows come in all different shapes and sizes; therefore, children of all ages can have fun with this great outdoor toy.

Pull Along Wagon Kids Wheelbarrow and Gardening Tools Playset 

(10) Bubbles

Bubbles have always been considered fun outside toys, but the creation of additional bubble toys have made them even more fun. In addition to traditional bubbles, there are now bubble-making machines. These machines can often produce hundred of bubbles in just a few minutes. There are also machines that can be used to create huge bubbles. In addition to bubble-making machines, there are also other bubble accessories that can create unique bubble shapes and much more.

Termichy Automatic Bubble Machine with High Output, Battery Powered Bubble Blower for Indoor/Outdoor Use

All of the toys mentioned above are the top ten most popular outside toys for children under the age of twelve. The good news is that almost all of these toys are reasonably priced and great for backyards of just about any size. Why let your child suffer through a boring summer when a large number of fun outdoor toys are all within your reach?

Source by Cathy Franklin

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Electronic Toy Pet – They Do not Eat & They Do not Bite Or Scratch – Are They the Perfect Pet?

An electronic toy pet may be able to fill a part of your little boy or girl’s heart. What little boy or little girl does not want a kitten or puppy or even a monkey? Yet, many parents may have a problem fulfilling this special request. There may be allergies or space problems; or they may not be allowed to have pets in their rental home.
An electronic toy can help to a degree. It is not the “real” thing, yet it could help fill a desire.

There are plenty of these toys available online. There are electronic kittens, puppies, cats, hamsters, even ponies! Their prices are not too high either if you take into consideration that you will not have to pay to feed them or take them to the vet. Yet, do be warned, many of these toys have tons of accessories, so that can be a bit expensive. On the positive side, the accessories can be offered as a bonus for good behaviour, etc.

One of the most popular electronic toys online this year is the Zhu Zhu pet hamster. If you have ever had a real hamster, then you know these particular creatures can be a bit “delicate.” In other words, they may not have a very long lifespan. The ZhuZhu pet hamster does not have that problem (unless it gets stomped on, ouch). These electronic toy pet hamsters also have a huge selection of accessories that make playing with them a lot of fun.

Zhu Zhu Pets – “Mr Squiggles” 

Other popular electronic toy pets come from the FurReal Friends by Hasbro. They have a selection of lifelike cats, kittens, puppies, tiny dogs, a panda, even a chimp. These cuddly toys move and make sounds just like the real animal. Some people even mistake them for real animals.

Furreal Chatty Charlie Barkin Beagle

Cute electronic toy pets can teach your children how to take care of a real pet someday. This is especially helpful for parents of very small children who may wish to add a puppy, kitten or other small animals to their family. Yet, they hesitate because they may feel their child or children may hurt the tiny animal. With an electronic toy pet, the parents can show their children how to hold the electronic pets properly and even monitor their behaviour. Once they see their children have learned what not to do, they may feel they can add a small animal to their family.

You can even get robotic style pets too

Zoomer Meowzies, Arista, Interactive Kitten with Lights, Sounds and Sensors, by Spin Master

If your child or children are asking for a pet, yet it is not a feasible option for the family at this time, then you may wish to consider purchasing an electronic toy pet. Remember, they do not eat, will not bite or scratch or make a mess. They are actually the perfect pet.


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Outdoor Toys For Spring – Summer

How do you entertain your children in the garden and out doors?

Aquaplay Canal system toys are a great water toy that allows imaginative play and fun for children. They are educational by teaching kids about how water flows with locks, harbours, pumps and gates. Aquaplay also provides many accessories and larger playsets for schools and nurseries.

Aquaplay Mountain Lake

Outdoor toys for garden fun and creative play for children. Trampolines are a fun experience for all the family and they are built to last for years, require no maintenance, are easy to put together or take down. Trampolines are a great way of encouraging exercise outdoors for children of all ages and help to improve balance, coordination, stamina and strength.
Trampoline enclosures and safety nets are also available for all circular trampolines together with other trampoline accessories.

We R Sports Trampoline With Safety Net Enclosure Ladder Rain Cover
Available sizes – 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and 16ft

Other outdoor toys available are Climbing frames in wood or steel, free standing slides for your garden, swing sets from single to double giant swings, childrens play houses, Garden Toys from swimming pools, see saws to garden slides and outdoor games sets that offer great fun for your kids. We also have available various shape sandpits made from plastic or wood from sand and water tables to larger roof sandpits.

Parents and nurseries want to provide safety for their kids and before buying outdoor toys it is worth considering the environment you will be using. Playground safety surfaces are available from specialist outlets where you can install a range of surfaces from play bark, lawn and grass mats, play tiles or wetpour.

Source by Rob Brand

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Puzzles – Best Educational Toddler Toys

Choosing the right and proper things or toys for your kids is kind of a hard decision. You need to put a lot of research as well as thinking whatever what you are going to choose benefits and helps your child satisfy your needs. Well, if you want your child to have fun as much as you want him to grow more in a better and prosperous way, then you have to consider buying the best educational toddler toys for kids as well as challenging puzzles.

Best educational toddler toys will help your children grow further more into a prosperous one. Best educational toddler toys are very wonderful and colorful while others may seem simple. If I were to choose the best educational toddler toys for my kids, I might as well choose the colorful ones for them might entertain and give fun to your kids while they play with it.

Puzzles are also useful. You could entertain your kids while giving them challenging yet fun and not boring puzzles. What I did back way before was I gave my kids a Mickey Mouse puzzle .. I missed those times when they were young. Oh, yes. Anyways, puzzles can also be the best educational toddler toys. Puzzles bring fun and excitement.

Ravensburger Paw Patrol
4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles – 12, 16, 20 and 24 Pieces

An example of a best educational toys are puzzles. As a parent, you have to teach your kids how to think mentally. By doing so, they will learn how to think and act like a teenager. One thing to convince them to do so and take on the challenge is you give them something after they have solved the puzzle. You should be not so strict and also understand that they are just kids. Well, that is what I did and it turned out pretty fine. I did not even expect them to learn so quickly.

There are lots of things your kids could attain fun, excitement, and knowledge. One way is to provide them the things needed for them to grow in something you want them to. If you are a parent and you think your kid desires some fun and excitement, then do not ever think twice, buy them the stuffs that would help them acquire happiness; best educational toys such as puzzle. Either way, it is not only of the fun they could get but also from the love of the parents.

Source by Patricia Strausser

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Lego Space Sets Past and Present

First introduced in 1978, Lego space sets featured spaceships and astronauts. It is also one of the largest and most expansive toy sets that Lego has produced. It has about 200 individual sets, which when connected formed one big outer space set.

The first of the Lego space sets that were produced were considered to be a great leap forward in terms of design. It has since become one of the most loved and cherished Lego products putting it up the same pedestal as the Lego train sets, pirates Lego themed sets and the medieval castle sets. In comparison to the former space set releases which included the Rocket Base, Space Rocket and the Moon Landing sets, the newer and better themed Space and Mars showed new building techniques as well as Lego parts that were previously unseen. Even though the traditional Lego bricks were still present in these new sets, they also had some finer details, which enabled more multi-purpose space vehicles and smoother looking battleships.

In the early space sets there were certain oddities such as the use of a steering wheel to drive the spacecraft and even though it lacks any on board pilot protection except that of the space suit, it was still enough to spark the imaginations of kids back then. From battleships and the basic 4 wheeled vehicles, the theme further developed and was often said to be following the trends of science fiction movies that prevalent at that time. As their development continued, the vehicle designs became more advanced as well.

The addition of Lego minifigures, robots, space bases, buggies, as well as, larger battleships soon followed. These early sets, though sometimes rather humble when compared to today's standards, were some of the most modern among other sci-fi inspired toys during that time. They were simple yet very charming toys that kids adored. Occasionally, gray became a major color for this theme which well fitted to its very futuristic and utilitarian theme. There were also more building base plate type Lego parts, in that color, that were being made. More often than not, these gray parts were paired with green, which can be seen in the space ships windows. Other dominant colors also included yellow and blue.

The most recent of space Lego sets would be Life on Mars, which included interaction between the human Lego minifigs and the Martian ones. It shows a very peaceful co-existence between both races and was released during a time when there was much interest and curiosity surrounding the red planet and the possibility of other beings living on it. The new set incorporated what was thought to be very reminiscent of a Martian landscape, so the sand that was colored in green, red and purple.

Although not as colorful as the previous sets, it did feature a first, which is the transparent brown windows for the battleship. Following the release of Life on Mars, 2007 saw the debut of Mars Mission, which is the second installment in the series of Mars related sets. Unlike the early ones where the humans and extra terrestrials exist peacefully, these sets saw them being pitted against each other which was what the children did with the first set anyway. Up to date Lego space sets are sure to be released in keeping with the advances in today's space technology.

Source by Bronnie Vaughn

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Differences Among the Major Construction Toys

There's several major brands of construction toys, and you've probably heard of some of them, such as LEGO, Technic and K'nex.

LEGO is by far probably the most popular construction toy, and almost every child has a set of LEGO or has played with it before. What makes LEGO so popular is that it is incredibly easy to build with because it is based on bricks. There are no complex piece designs, and pretty much everything snaps together vertically, which makes it ideal for youngger children. The pieces are often very detailed and the sets have different themes, with everything from castles and jungle explorers to space vehicles. These themes are ideal for spurring a child's creativity.

In a way, Technic is a more advanced form of LEGO. While LEGO only consists of basic bricks to stack on top of each other, Technic introduces a more mechanically oriented element with rods that can snap into the sides of bricks to allow for rotating structures. Unlike K'nex, Technic was not designed with size in mind, but mechanical detailing. The sets often come with many different sizes of gears, angled pieces and various shapes that allow for mechanically accurate designs.

K'nex is the most distinct of these construction toys because it completely eschews the brick design that LEGO and Technic use. Instead of bricks, K'nex uses rods and connectors to allow builders to create different structures with. In addition, the type of plastic used by K'nex is also much softer than that of LEGO and Technic, and allows for bending structures. However, K'nex has also released a Micro-K'nex line with smaller versions of standard K'nex pieces, allowing for smaller models. K'nex is ideal for building very strong and large structures because the pieces are comparatively large and the connections between pieces are also stronger.

Source by Timothy Keyes

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Lego Star Wars Minifigs – Not Just Toys

For those of you who do not know what Lego Star Wars Minifigs are, and I had never heard of them until my 6 year old showed me some, then quite simply they are superb little renditions of the Star Wars characters made from Lego.

Lego Star Wars minifigs come in a huge range of designs and feature all of the main characters from both the Dark Side and the Rebel Alliance. They also cover all 6 of the Star Wars films and several other parts of the Star Wars universe. There are some designs available from the manufacturers, but for me the most remarkable thing about Lego Star Wars minifigs is the huge community that has sprung up dedicated to creating new and unique designs.

Many of these hand built minifigs are lovingly crafted from spare parts and include hand painted faces, metallic bodies and even light up eyes, light sabers and weapons. Some have hats, headpieces and even additional clothing – really amazing! There have also been licensed Lego Star Wars minifigs which have featured unique head sculpts that differ from the traditional cylindrical shape. The first was Jar Jar Binks and Yoda and C-3PO have also made guest appearances.

Other variations of the standard Lego Star Wars minifigs included the light-up lightsaber (LULS) mini-figures. These were released as a part of the more expensive Star Wars Episode III sets in 2005, and look like standard minifigs but contain internal electronics. When the head is pressed down, an LED illuminates the lightsaber blade – how cool is that!

So as you can see Lego Star Wars Minifigs are not just toys, they are true collectors items. This is even truer of the latest addition to the line – a solid gold C3-PO – now that's a toy I would not mind playing with.

Source by Dave Simpson