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Lego Duplo – Are Legos Toys Only For Older Kids?

Do you have a son that is too young to start building things but at the same time you want him to get acquainted so when he is older he will start building things with Mechano or Lego? Are you scared that he will reach the age that he can play with such things but he will not show any interest by then?

This article will look at ways you can get your child interested at a young age to build stuff and will introduce you to something called Lego Duplo.

As my son has started growing older I have always wanted him to get into the habit of building things. I guess I want to be like all fathers and make sure he becomes the macho type that can fix anything and in actuality build nothing 🙂

I guess there is a part of me that wants to develop him. Get his imaginative juices flowing; I hope you know what I mean.

As times has progressed, it seems that children have started developing at a much faster rate than when we were kids. Having said this I never wanted him to reach an older age and if I saved him a Mechano or Lego set he turn around and tell me that he was not interested.

So I visited the good old net and to my surprise I found that Lego actually made Lego sets for youngger children starting from the age of 1.

The blocks are as colorful as the original Lego except for the fact that they are much bigger in size. But the best part is that your child will be using these blocks through his life as long as he / she is still into Lego. The best part is that these blocks can be used with normal Lego pieces as well, so he is never going to outgrow this toy 🙂

I think it is a great idea that Lego has catered to this age group as youngger children will also get acquainted with Lego at a much younger age.

Source by Harold Biggs