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Lego Star Wars Minifigs – Not Just Toys

For those of you who do not know what Lego Star Wars Minifigs are, and I had never heard of them until my 6 year old showed me some, then quite simply they are superb little renditions of the Star Wars characters made from Lego.

Lego Star Wars minifigs come in a huge range of designs and feature all of the main characters from both the Dark Side and the Rebel Alliance. They also cover all 6 of the Star Wars films and several other parts of the Star Wars universe. There are some designs available from the manufacturers, but for me the most remarkable thing about Lego Star Wars minifigs is the huge community that has sprung up dedicated to creating new and unique designs.

Many of these hand built minifigs are lovingly crafted from spare parts and include hand painted faces, metallic bodies and even light up eyes, light sabers and weapons. Some have hats, headpieces and even additional clothing – really amazing! There have also been licensed Lego Star Wars minifigs which have featured unique head sculpts that differ from the traditional cylindrical shape. The first was Jar Jar Binks and Yoda and C-3PO have also made guest appearances.

Other variations of the standard Lego Star Wars minifigs included the light-up lightsaber (LULS) mini-figures. These were released as a part of the more expensive Star Wars Episode III sets in 2005, and look like standard minifigs but contain internal electronics. When the head is pressed down, an LED illuminates the lightsaber blade – how cool is that!

So as you can see Lego Star Wars Minifigs are not just toys, they are true collectors items. This is even truer of the latest addition to the line – a solid gold C3-PO – now that's a toy I would not mind playing with.

Source by Dave Simpson