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Best Duplo Lego Sets for Young Kids

As you know, Duplo Lego blocks are a big hit with smaller children. Not only are they fun to build with, they're designed to be safe for smaller children. If you are wondering about the best Duplo Lego sets for 2010, you're not alone. The good news is that there are a lot of great building sets to be found.

Best Duplo Lego Sets for Young Kids

Lego Duplo blocks are great fun, especially these sets.

  • Lego Thomas Train Set – This is not new for 2010, but it's still a big hit with smaller children who like Thomas the Train and Duplo blocks.
  • LEGO Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck – Based on the popular Toy Story 3, this building set is a big hit with boys and girls alike. Who's ready for some pizza?
  • LEGO Duplo 5691 Disney Toy Story 3 Limited Edition Space Crane – If you are looking for something extra special, you need to take a look at this limited edition building set. If you see it, get it before it's gone.
  • LEGO Duplo Building Set – 71 Pieces – If you want to introduce your child to Duplo bricks, this is a great way to get them started. It comes in a tub that they can store all 71 pieces in. This makes clean-up a snap.
  • LEGO Large Green Building Plate (15 "X 15") – For small children who are really into Duplo blocks, this is a great way to let their imagination run wild. It gives them plenty of room for their own Duplo creations.
  • LEGO Duplo Learning (5497) – Numbers, letters, learning and fun all rolled into one with this inexpensive Lego Duplo set. This is great for kids learning their numbers or letters.
  • LEGO World People Duplo Set – For some kids, it's all about the little Lego people. This is a great way to get a lot of extra little Duplo people to populate their creations.

There are many other great Lego Duplo building sets out there. It's a good idea to start small until you know for sure that your child is going to like playing with Duplo Lego bricks. Most children do enjoy it, but you never know. Once you find out they do like them, there are many great sets you can get them, no matter what they are into. Even if you do not want to get them something based on a movie, there are many choices available. Lego Duplo bricks are the gift that keeps on giving as the child's collection of bricks grows over the years.

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